Thursday, May 10, 2007

Snake to Columbia

Inadvertently continuing yesterday's sort of up-the-river theme, we followed rivers downstream all day today. Leaving Jackson we disregarded all the mapped directions and the screeching of the GPS and took state highways thru the mountains. Worth it. Yet more amazing scenery.

We almost immediately picked up the Snake coming off Jackson Lake, and followed it, more or less, till it veered off north, picking up the resulting Columbia somewhat later.

Quite a change over the course of a single day's driving, with the Snake starting at nearly culvert width, and the Columbia here being well-marked for navigation.

Incidentally, I've been in the desert southwest a bit also, and seen some big-ass dams, but these things are amazing. They have locks. Who tries to pass commercial shipping thru dams this large?

After a night, breakfast and that much more driving, we still love Wyoming. Back when I used to go there every year or so I decided I'd retire there, and Alison agrees. We think probably around Jackson, as by then we'll be old and need good medical facilities. And the tourists even have their upside, as it'll give me something to be officially crabby about for part of the year.

To be fair, for all those who keep telling us to see things in Idaho and Oregon, we didn't totally give them a chance. But we has 12 hours of driving to get done, and stuck to main roads mostly, so gimme a break. Maybe they are prettier off in the hinterlands, as I am assured they are. We'll have to come back, with a more complete plan and either more time, or fewer states to cover.

We stopped short of Portland in Cascade Locks so we can hike the Eagle Falls portion of the PCT. Its purportedly the most amazing and beautiful trail Allan's been on, but most of all, if we don't he will keep our cat.

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