Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gunsite All Week

The convoy was something of a gaggle, and oddly full of two-lane state highways, but we made it on time with only one blown engine in the group. Really.

Lots of standing in the hot sun, getting instructed.

And hiding in the shade. Did I mention its hellishly hot? Like, we start actually shooting at 6 am?

Some people need more instruction than others. Well, actually, everyone gets lots of personal attention. Me at least as much as anyone. There are four instructors for the 17 in the class.

These are all off my camera (more people are taking photos, but I haven't seen them). Still, I made someone get a shot of me, to prove I actually showed up. This is pretty much what we do all day. Draw, shoot, reload, holster, repeat. Some cool shoot houses and an outdoor simulator today (yes, I shot the unarmed man) but they are all impact zone, so there's no way to get photos inside.

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