Monday, December 24, 2007

I am gonna be on the radio

Really. Its as niche as it gets, but last night I recorded a guest spot on Chris Larsen's show on this little AM station in Liberty I have never heard of. Show airs Christmas eve, so I expect zero listeners, but they'll podcast it eventually at (I think) Larsen's OD Journal site. For anyone not following, milsim means "military simulation." Some paintball clubs, most airsofters, and especially KCAA play their pellet tagging-out games in the most practical way possible, so are milsim. Re-enactors are, obviously, doing the same thing, but don't exactly shoot at each other. Christopher is also opening up his training programs more broadly, and creating a commercial program where you can come out and shoot at your friends with real MILES training gear. Yeah, you can't do this anywhere else. Its the only civilian group with this equipment, anywhere in the world.

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John Bossert said...

Did they ever pod cast this radio show?