Friday, September 21, 2012

It's a wonder any of us are even alive

In the early days of steam-powered travel, you were really taking your life into your hands in exchange for the speed and convenience. They blew up with some regularity.

So,  if you complain the subway is dirty,  smelly, full of hobos and breaks down all the time, you just don't know how good you have it.

We don't put up with that sort of excuse anywhere else, so why are so many technology products allowed to get away with it?

When your product has been de-scoped to within an inch of its life, do you celebrate the launch as "the best we can do" it fight up to the moment it is out to have it killed?

This week provides a prime case. The key counter I have seen to claims Apple's new maps are flawed is that the technology is amazing.

Mediocre outcomes despite the odds are still mediocre outcomes. Terrible products are terrible no matter how cool they are. I was reminded recently, at the Cooper parlor on no-UI, that our key responsibility as designers is to tell the business how to make the right decisions.

I also add to that (and it's something I have been making no friends about the last few days) it's our job to talk them out of bad ideas and half-assed implementations.

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