Saturday, August 18, 2012

Touch Template Progress - Sleeves

If you aren't already following my Touch Template work, I suggest you go read it. For those who won't bother: I have designed a little inspection and design tool for mobiles, and especially touch devices. It is 100% non-digital, and not specific to any platform, but is about people. It measures and provides guidelines for the way humans perceive and provide input.

It's a plastic template that lets you look at a design on a screen, and tell if the buttons, text and spacing are too small.

I have been taking pre-orders, all on my own since Kickstarter did not deem it cool enough, and when I reached a certain threshold, I started placing orders for the pieces I need. The stencils are ordered, and the Tyvek sleeves, to protect the stencil and provide instructions, are actually here!

Man, that's a lot of sleeves. The stencils themselves will first go to a prototyping/proofing stage. I'll get that in a week or two, and certainly be showing it off as well. Then, it'll be a month or two before they arrive.

Once I get past the proof, I'll start getting mailers, buy a label printer, and do whatever other stuff will be required to mail a bunch of these out. Stay tuned.

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