Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I wish this was my resume

I am a designer. I am not a developer, but have been a DBA, and written code, including neat stuff like the first CSS for a Fortune 50. I can specify, report bugs and speak developer.

I am mobile. If you aren’t sure that it’s time to go mobile, stop reading. I’ve been doing mobile design since 1999. Don’t ask me to choose between iOS and Android. Offer the platform you know the user wants.

I believe in people. I know enough about pixels, scale, code and platforms to not believe in them. Technology is transient. People are your audience and customers.

I live for quality. It makes me legitimately sad when products are built from fear, lack of knowledge, as copycats, or always take the easy path. I’d rather not work than build terrible products.

I believe in communities. I believe in the transformative power of connecting and empowering people, through technology and social relationships. Whenever possible, remove barriers to engagement.

I like drawing. And writing. Good tools and processes make better design. Bad tools impede it. If you insist on using Visio on Windows XP, I probably don’t want to work with you. My bag has markers, and a Macbook Pro.

I collaborate. If I can’t talk to the business, work with implementation teams and preferably talk to customers, it’s not worth having a designer. Teams work better than people.

I talk. A lot. In public. I have written books, and articles, and spoken at numerous conferences. I change my mind, but only for good reasons, not because you say so. Want to know what I think? Look me up.

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