Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You can love Apple, but do you have to /love/ Apple?

I didn't get why 10.9 was called Mavericks, and then was more confused when some people defended it as being all about Apple's inspiration and so on.

This week I am at a conference in San Jose and far, far too many people do not just carry an iPhone, but professes absolute love for iOS. Not preference, but rather gushingly.

Though I still don't know why this is true, I think I have figured out an aspect of it. Apple is a brand where it's okay for their inspiration, their opinion, and their design sense to be more important than your own.

I have two iPads, an iPhone, two iPod Touches, and innumerable older iPods. I don't feel I am an Apple hater. Except that I am perceived as one to those who are Apple fanbois. Because I also have dozens of other devices, and pay attention to what my clients and users want, and use. And, because I can say what is good, bad, limiting and disagrees with my opinion, desire and ability to get work done, on any platform, from any company.

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