Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No Services This Exit

I had missed the Davis to Reno scenery due to darkness last time I was out here, and it was nice to see, but nothing to write home about.

Nevada and Utah (so far at least) express no love for their scenery. Some very nice scenic views driving, with absolutely no place to stop and get a photo. On the other hand, its awful big scale stuff, with the same thing to look at for a long time. The Bonneville Salt Flats (Newfoundland Evaporation Reservoir?), for example, are really cool. For ten minutes. An hour of them gets tiring.

Alison & the Floating Island.

Rush hour seemed like a bay area tradition we could avoid seeing, so Alison and I got on the road before six this morning. This also put us into Salt Lake early enough to have dinner during civilized hours, and we met up with Aaron, his wife and child at... I forgot the name of the place already, but Brazilian barbeque. Interesting, and meaty.

Tomorrow, a relatively short run to Denver (ish) and therefore a stop at Arches on the way. Neither of us have seen it, and I wanted to take the 70 route anyway to get the whole mountain (and driving videogame) experience in the ski resort areas.

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