Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Now, the story can be told

Now that my boss has told everyone at Sprint, I can post about my new job! I'm going to be the Interaction Designer for Little Springs Design. They do mobile design, mostly software and "WAP" site work, I gather. Mobile means handhelds, like cellphones or whatever you know it by. Somehow "mobile" doesn't resonate with everyone I tell about it. The FAQ about my job, based on the 50+ emails and IMs I have so far:
  • Last day at Sprint is 8/17. First day at Littlesprings is 8/20.
  • Its located in Lawrence, and I'm not moving. Its an observed 35 minutes door to door, so that's no big deal.
  • Some telecommuting. Not sure how much yet, but some. Maybe lots.
  • Some travel. Barbara wants to stay home more, so I'll get to be the face of the company sometimes. Maybe I'll be able to get interviewed and all that sort of stuff.
  • Its less money. Not moving for the cash, but for the work. (and, until further notice, dinner is on you)
  • Of course I'll answer the phone or maybe even email if anyone has a question about old Sprint days. I cannot, however, be contracted back at all for a year, so no actual work at Sprint after 8/17.
And everything else is TBD. I haven't worked the job yet, so its hard to say exactly what's involved. Presumably, broadly what I do now, being a designer of interactive systems, just for (mostly) mobile and handheld devices.


Randy said...

Congrats, Steven!

I thought you'd be at Sprint forever. Sounds like a move you'll like (at least the work, right?), and hey, your 35 minute commute still beats my 1 hour drive.

Good Luck!

Aaron Barker said...

Wow... I thought you'd fly the coop a little sooner myself.

Hope it works out for ya!

shoobe01 said...

Glad to see y'all read up on me. This is what the internet is for, right?

35 minutes is most assuredly not bad. Its around half an hour to my desk at the campus now, and that's all city streets, 10 miles away. No traffic there.

eldookie said...


Now who is going to look out for the Sprint customers?

I believe you will have less battles to get the correct methodology in your new endeavor. Good luck and have fun.

Barbara said...

Welcome aboard! (behold, the power of trackbacks)