Monday, July 2, 2007

Laser Floyd at the Qwest Center!

Alison got us tickets to see Roger Waters in Omaha (that's as close as he was coming to us) for my birthday, as I love him. Pink Floyd, sure, but Roger Waters solo stuff is my favorite. The show was to make money, so really was 80% Floyd and everyone else thrilled to that, held up their lighters and so on. So, I was a tad disappointed, but it was a pretty good show still.

Yes, lasers. But really, it worked out with the whole multimedia nature of the show. Arriving, there's music on like always, and a big image behind the stage.

All this is camera phone, so sorry for the quality. That's a close up of a radio, with other stuff (toys, liquor, ashtray) around it. It just sits there, but I notice the music is all from a certain era, and he likes using radios as a segueway between tracks, so I started to get a hint of what would happen. And, what do you know, a good 10 minutes before live music starts, the concert starts. An arm comes on screen, changes the station, etc. Lights and smoke effects tried (reasonably successfully) to bring the environment into the rest of the arena. Anyway, that still sounds cheezy, but they did a good job continuing to use the video screens, light effects, etc to make the show fairly multimedia. There were times I was not paying attention to what's happening on stage, and I had decent seats.

Speaking of phones, camera phones abounded. Any view across the arena looked like 50 people were holding up their lighters, but its all phones.

Funniest thing was that some people right in front of us were good bushies. Objected out loud to his anti-war politics, and actually said "boo" once when everyone else cheered. I'm not even gonna argue that the bulk of the music is based on valid WW2-era sentiment, and just wonder:

  • Why would you come to a concert like this if you cannot handle the politics?

  • Why would you speak up about it, when surrounded by thousands who disagree with you?

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