Monday, August 6, 2007

Actually Affordable Chairs

Our deck has been lacking one thing. Well, aside from a reasonably smoke-free neighborhood, and a lack of oppressive heat. Chairs. We do have a number of these slatted wooden folding jobs from World Market my family has given us, but they are sensationally not all weather. One rain and they are inclined to warp, or turn black. And yes we do leave things out by accident. Plastic seemed the right way to go. Don't get me started on the $3 white plastic lawn chair (where did they all come from... and what do they want?). But we've seen a series of neat, sturdy, well-desiged roto-molded chairs that seemed right. Turns out, they start at about $100 per chair. We spent quite a bit of time when we were in the bay area, then online, trying to justify items from DWR (within reach of who?) like the Air Chair or even cooler things like the Bubble Club stuff. But its just not possible. That's stupid. We want to be able to use these things. Air chair and bubble club set, both of which we will never be able to afford Lots more searching was in order. Unusually, I cannot find some secret retailer with great prices, or some chinese knockoffs. But I do stumble across office furniture. Swooping office folders, but in boring colors. Then another random google link and... a revelation! The classic steel folding chair, on clearance ($11 each!) because they are fire engine red. IMAGE of our nice chairs... Red steel chair on back deck This is perfect. Though accused of being in KU colors, alison just likes red accent items, and everything else tends to be blue as the trim for the house is blue. So red did it. Couldn't be happier. This is our dream for most of our home design or function solutions. Perfect fit, form and function for less than we would have dared dream.

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