Wednesday, October 3, 2007


When I left Sprint, lots of extra benefits got lost. One that freaks my mom and Alison out is life insurance. So, the last couple days has been futzing around with paperwork for that. Its suprisingly quick and convenient for the amount of stuff that has to be done. This morning, someone came by the house to take blood and so on. A sort of mini-physical. In high school, when I ran 1/4 miles under a minute, I weighed 185. Kept that thru much of college, then nudged upward. In the late 90s, as I became a lazy cube-monkey, I leveled off at 206. Exactly. It was weirdly precise, for years. Lately I have been more towards 215, and higher. Might not seem like a lot, but I am usually so consistent, it bugs me. Plus, I have joint issues and stuff, so I found it hard to work out well. So, after spending much of last year biking everywhere (like, to the office a couple days a week) I switched to running in January. Works great, and after a springtime injury, I got a physical therapist to give me more tips, exericises and the right insoles. Lately I am nudging against 25 miles a week. And it works great in general; I am not out of breath hiking around the woods for hours under load, for example. And today, when I get weighed and measured, I am back down to 200. Yea!

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