Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ha! I knew it!

I have despised Daylight Savings for... well, I think ever. I am pretty sure as soon as I became aware of things like timekeeping, I didn't get it. Always seemed like it was wasting a lot in the changeover, and I couldn't follow the logic of why shifting is good. Anyway, the Wall Street Journal had an article a couple weeks ago I just learned about Daylight Saving Wastes Energy, Study Says
Their finding: Having the entire state switch to daylight-saving time each year, rather than stay on standard time, costs Indiana households an additional $8.6 million in electricity bills. They conclude that the reduced cost of lighting in afternoons during daylight-saving time is more than offset by the higher air-conditioning costs on hot afternoons and increased heating costs on cool mornings.
And that's just the electricity. I wonder what other waste there is?

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