Monday, April 7, 2008

Can you be iconic, but not really any good?

Someone will probably want to run me down over this, but I never really liked Charlton Heston. Sure, Touch of Evil was fully good (and I bought him as an upper-crust Mexican even), but otherwise its mostly intentionally (Wayne's World 2, True Lies) or unintentionally (Airport '75, Earthquake) funny stuff. And do not EVEN get me started on stuff like Planet of the Apes. Jeesh. Okay, I have not seen El Cid. Probably should get around to that. Maybe I'll change my mind then.

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John Bossert said...

I've been arguing this same thing for YEARS. Popularity does not necessarily predict quality (and vice versa).

Also bad but iconic:

Rolling Stones
Liza Minelli
Mercury and Pontiac automobiles
Jimmy Carter