Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sometimes, the internet just freaks me out

I am generally jaded and unfazed by, well, everything. Especially consumable technology (vs. really cutting edge stuff) and most especially by most internet stuff. I especially am too old and boring to really get the full gist of some social-side stuff (I may never really understand why I would want to tweet all the time). But sometimes, I am totally surprised. Backstory: Every digital photo we have ever taken, and a few paper ones I have scanned (thousands to go, someday) are categorized with an individualized control language, and and then hosted from my home computer. Like 6,000 photos. We routinely post every photo we take on a vacation, for example. Not that many people look at them, but we can get to any photo we want, whenever and wherever we want to. This has been going on for like 7-8 years, well before most folks shared photos, and if not before Flickr existed, before I heard of it. But the software we use is old; hasn't been updated for years, and it has bugs. Replacements essentially do not exist; no hosted, heirarchical organizational systems, and most want you to run thru an organized like iPhoto, which is weak and a pointless extra step to me. So, I finally succumbed and am loading everything to Fickr. Got the uploadr (clunky!), paid the Pro fee, and there are just short of 600 items up there now. More every day (it takes a while just to tag them). Its fun just for me, and the wife. We see photos we haven't looked at in forever, we have to look to label and categorized them, and the tagging means we can find them more easily later. And even though we've only been loading for a few days, people are discovering them, and commenting, and inviting us to "adorable pets" groups and so on. It supports EXIF and other meta-data also, which is a nice addition as well. Now, see this. Sorry, its a screenshot, too big to fit in the page well. I'll quote it:
Questions from other members : Apple Power Mac G4 Dual 867 MDD system + Cinema Display Q: The computer is great, but looking at your pics on Flicker, you animals are adorable! The black and white cat looks almost exactly like our, actually. Sorry to take up your time on this, but wanted to let you know the dogs and cats are super cute.
Yup, its a comment about our pets, in the middle of an ebay auction for a computer (which, you are free to bid on also, btw). Seriously, community aspects overtaking the primary objective (buying and selling) of another community site. To which, I am sure there is something to be said about this looping back to the old-line small town way of selling, where everything was personal in the same way.

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