Friday, May 2, 2008

Here's another reason broadcast TV is stupid

We don't want much programming, at all, from the big 3-4 networks. Mostly A&E, Discovery, Bravo and the like. And lots of Netflix. But there are a few shows But last night there were lots of storms. So when we go to watch our guilty-pleasure show tonight, we don't have it. We have, instead, a solid hour of bright graphics and talking heads. And being a major network show, they will not re-run it for 6 months. Instead, what if these guys just stuck to the warning crawler, and maybe there could be some sort of "weather channel." An entirely other issue, so far beyond this, is how I do not care in the slightest about breaking news or weather /days later/. The PVR makes the whole sense of every bit of data as a single raster image with attached audio signal stupid. Wouldn't data overlays be smarter, and by default anything that expired is removed? Too bad no one thought ahead that far when making up HDTV standards, or anything.

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John Bossert said...

Agreed. We were watching a recorded show the other night here in St. Louis, and I found myself watching the weather map in the lower right corner of the screen, wondering absently if the impending storm would hurt the flowers we just planted, if I had closed the garage door, etc. Took me about 20 minutes to realize that the storm that was splashed all over the screen had occured a week earlier. Made me mad that I had burned the energy thinking about a storm that didn't exist.