Friday, August 1, 2008

All scooter people can go !@#$ themselves

I am seeing this more and more, as scooters become more popular: No one knows how to drive them. This is a huge problem to me, in a car. I know most of them can go at least 30, they aren't that underpowered, yet I routinely run across scooters that won't go over 20. And today, just now, on the way home I had the best example of it. Smoking, driving 21 in a 30, way off to the side, and keeps waving me around. My issue: it's functionally a car, and there is a double yellow line. I have indeed gotten a ticket for passing someone on that very road. I am not gonna pass him. Please, if you drive a scooter, pay attention. Pretend you live out in the world, and are driving a vehicle down a road, cause you are.

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