Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The new recycling bins are here!

No photo, as it's dark, and they look sad in our basement. But Mission still has, apparently, no changes in pickup policy but gave us all free wheelie bins for trash and recycling. I griped about not being able to find a wheeled recycling bin at all, much less cheaply, because we have much more bulk in recyclables each week than trash. But now I have a new gripe. Nothing can be recycled. There's a sticker on top of the recycling one that says "NO recycles" or something equally non-english (I am too lazy to go back down and look) and it has all sorts of things we've been recycling. My favorite is shredded paper. So, you have to put your secret info on the curb, or just burn it in a really smokey, probably illegal fire. And it's not just us. This is from somewhere else entirely, and has the same basic rules. Many even say to simply throw away shredded goods, and other products they cannot recycle. My new favorite is paper where the dye is soaked through the fibers, instead of just printed on top. Really. Yes, I am gonna sort that out of my recycled papers. Sure I am. Okay, they have a reason for all of these, but how can anyone seriously write about zero-waste initiatives then tell you how half the stuff you want to throw away has to go to a landfill?

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