Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No snowplows would have been better

Big snowfall this morning. And that's normally good, cause we like snow. But apparently every city in the area fired all people who know how to watch the weather report. So, it was almost un-driveable all the way from my driveway to Lawrence. Very little evidence of plowing, and mostly quite dumb. Like, the ramps from K7 to K10, not plowed. Barely passable at 5 mph. In fact, I only saw two plows the whole time, both on K10. And both were being marginally useful, severely impeding traffic and one actually tried to kill someone; dropped a side blade almost on top of a Civic who was about to pass, that threw so much snow in the air I (50 m back) had zero visibility for way too long. Then the plow veered from the left lane all the way to exit on the right. All in all, it might have been more helpful to just have zero plows and we make our own way entirely.

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