Friday, October 8, 2010

Web App Store

I am gonna eventually post more a (mostly enthusiastic) response to Brian Fling's Mobile 2.0 thingy, eventually. I'd actually like to support it directly, and will, but need to work out technical and legal bugs first. Working on it, every moment I am not applying for work. I promise. But for now, I had this thought. At Design for Mobile, and I think a few times since then, I heard someone say "why aren't web apps in the App Store?" I don't know who said it first. Someone tell me and I'll edit this to credit them. It's a truly great point. And I was just thinking, we don't even need to just dream this. Or lobby Apple, and Google, and RIM, and MS (et. al.) to do this. As long as we're willing to start with free things especially, anyone could just make an app (let's say) called "Web Apps Catalog." WebApp Store on iPhone One of these for each platform that anyone wants to make it for. Get it into the App Store, Marketplace or other catalog for each platform. And then it would work like the native catalog. Only sites expressly passing [some quality level] on that platform will be allowed in. There are ratings and descriptions and so on. Selecting one gives you the choice of just going there in the browser, or adding an icon to the app list/home screen. In the example, I've thrown up the IMDb icon, because they don't seem to think mobiles get all information. I de-installed the app, and have to jump through hoops to use the desktop site on my handset. Yeah, desktop site isn't the best answer for our ideal world of webapps, but it's a good example (I think) of how a webapp is a good alternative to an installed app. Easy, fun, and I think a rather adequate starting point for pushing the value of mobile web apps, on an app-hyping world. Of course, I have no idea how to make it, so someone do that for me. Okay?


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