Tuesday, January 18, 2011

That comfort is important

“ ... The iPad bursts into life, its backlight on, the blinking “slide to unlock” label hinting at the direction of the motion it wants you to make. That rich, vibrant screen craves attention... It’s glowing rectangles all the way down: those backlit screens that suck your attention...
Perhaps the Kindle’s comfort is down to its single-use nature. After all, it knows it already has your attention – when you come to it, you pick it up with the act of reading already in mind.
That comfort is important to the Kindle’s intended purpose, though. This is a device that always seems content with itself. Just sitting there, not caring if you pick it up or not. Like a book. ”

Tom Armitage of Berg, on the difference between the iPad and the Kindle and their Asleep & Awake performance. This is Ubicomp to me.

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