Thursday, August 30, 2012


When I first heard of the possibility of a Galaxy camera, I hoped they just forgot the "phone" part. Just before the iPhone made everyone abandon their innovative form factors and features, and go with capacitive-touch rectangles, there was lots of good stuff. I even made a great graphic (which I cannot find right now) about how every technology converged, and then sorta split to these categorie of devices: messaging, music, video, games, cameras.

Yeah, there were camera-centric phones. I can only find thing like this now, but remember some really odd ones, with lenses sticking out and twisty bits.

I can totally see where Samsung is coming from now. I still have images (which I can find, but should probably still not share) from early last decade of DSLRs with antennas, and how operators could monetize (or, I guess not) the M2M traffic of sharing images. But it doesn't mean I want one. What I want is a phone, with a pretty solid micro 4/3 camera in it. I'd even like interchangeable lenses. I can live with a little bit of extra size and weight, and tedious lens changes, and stuff, but I want it.

Okay, so on the run, I let my mind wander over this problem, and realized there's totally a solution to the bulk and focal-distance issues. An old, or we might say "retro" one. I want this:

I can explain more, but why bother? This is a dreamy dream, and I am not going to claim (unlike everyone who redesigns an airline, or bank or newspaper website on spec). Also, stop with desktop website redesigns; mobile is the internet now. Likewise, I know just enough about hardware design to be a dick about it, if I chose to.

I still want this, though.

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