Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Carnival #279 - Hybrid Development pick of the week


If you don't know, the Carnival of the Mobilists is a weekly collection of the Web’s best writing on mobile and wireless, hosted, collected, and curated by a different site each week.

This week, it's hosted by Brian Avery at Tego Interactive who I am particularly happy with now, as he chose my rant as the post of the week. Read the whole Carnival for even more great insights into mobile design, development and trends.

Pick of the Week
“Hybrid Development is the Worst Thing Ever”
by Steven Hoober at
In the past few months, find out what changed Steven’s mind about why hybrid apps might not be the best route for app development and why native app development is just all around better. Just a hint, one size does not fit all (just yet).

The Carnival is the product of individuals sorting through submissions and using their own brains to decide what is important and how they all relate to each other.

It's not some bot-generated list, but that also means it needs people to do this work. If you want to host the Carnival on your (or your company's) blog, drop a line to Peggy Anne Salz about it. Hint: it brings a pretty good amount of traffic also.

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