Friday, October 12, 2007

Your account cannot be validated

Okay, this one I have to post. I still have Sprint service, and I am ordering a replacement iPod for Alison, when I have to call in to confirm something. Dial:

Your account cannot be validated, please call Customer Solutions...

Etc. Huh. That's odd. Since I am SURE I have not been hotlined. See, a couple weeks ago I got a txt that said I was about to be, so I called and they said I hadn't paid. I sure hadn't, because I only pay when they actually send me bills. Care rep admitted the cutover to ebilling was all jacked up, so a bunch of people didn't get bills, and the way the bug goes, no way to tell who it affected! So, when I mention it, I get a 7 day grace period to pay.

So, that's paid, and there is therefore no way I have crossed another bill threshold and exceeded the time. Plus, no "please pay" txt or impossibly offensive Finance call (had that in the past also). So, I check the website to see:

Yup, it looks hotlined to me. So I call. And start getting annoyed again. Why do I have to say what I want ("advocate" works to get me somewhere)? If hotlined, I am supposed to go straight to the person who demands payment. When I get a person, after a short hold, they ask what I need? I am hotlined.

Essentially: "No, you aren't."

Huh? Its true. Won't agonize you with the whole conversation (really, the rep was nice, but it was weird) but the short version is my account was "temporarily suspended" with no reason, no notes, nothing else outstanding, and she looked around for while. Nothing much to it, just unlocked it and it instantly is available.

I asked an ex coworker still there (who does a lot of UX work with billing and care). He sees all the crazy stuff, and he'd never heard of anyone being randomly just locked, but indeed, the billing systems are out-of-control huge and complex, so do random stuff sometimes.

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