Monday, November 26, 2007

Do not wash your mobile phone

At least not with a washing machine. And, though others may come out fine, even with severe disassembly... disassembled KRZR ...Alison's KRZR did not. Totally dead. I suspect it fried itself while powered on in the water, and no amount of work afterwards could save it. To top it off, Sprint doesn't care if you buy a phone from them, they reset your 'free stuff' period at each activation. My old KRZR given to Alison just a couple months ago wiped that, so its full-retail time. Being christmas, and so on, this is not gonna happen. The already somewhat broken PM-325 is coming back into service shortly. Maybe after that we'll find something good on eBay. And if anyone has an unused (Sprint, CDMA) phone that, say, has all the keys working, and they'll sell cheap, tell us about it. Okay, onto the mobile-ubiquity lessons. Alison had to live all weekend, and all day with no mobile. Most missed, the clock and alarm-clock functions. She had to... talk to people... to get the time.

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