Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why does Opera Mini hate me so much?

That's what it feels like. I have been through... I forget, but 3 or 4 versions of Opera Mini on this phone. And a couple on my previous one. I forgive them for changing the featureset. So the manner in which bookmarks are displayed changes. And I got it when there are pre-populated bookmarks; that (and browser/homepage search) is where the money to pay for this comes from. But I do not like how every time I upgrade the software ignores everything that has gone before, especially bookmarks. This time I am particularly aggravated by this lack of upgrade path. Now that its out of beta, the beta browser yells at me all the time that I should upgrade. By manually typing, in a totally different browser. Actually, at least on mine, a link to a download would work out. And how hard can it be to go check out the config files from the previous install? So, after the always annoying install process for mobile software, I still have to rekey all my bookmarks, then uninstall the old version.


Daniel Goldman said...

Hi, I'm Daniel from Opera Software.

We don't hate you; we love you. You're using Opera Mini! :)

Seriously though, the bookmarks on the start page is entirely up to you. You could either use Opera Link, and syncronize all your bookmarks between multiple versions of Opera Mini, as well as getting all your bookmarks from the Opera desktop browser. Once you syncronize with Opera Link, you'll allways have your bookmarks with you, even if you install Opera Mini on an entirely different phone. (Optionally, you could access those bookmarks at http://link.opera.com)

You could also remove or add any bookmarks from the Start page by going to Menu > Bookmarks > Manage...

Opera Software

shoobe01 said...

Ah... everything I had previously read about the "synchronize opera" link implied it was all about the desktop browser. And, so sorry, but its all FF and Safari on my desktops.

So, signing up and trying it now.

I'd still like to see an upgrade (vs. all-new) installation path. Though this may indeed be because its been a series of betas.

Daniel Goldman said...

When upgrading, it all depends on your phone as to whether it saves the bookmarks and settings.

P.S. I sent you a message through your site's contact form. I hope it didn't end up in your spam folder.

shoobe01 said...

So, I'll blame Nokia and the S60 guys instead. :)

Got the email. And responded. You may scroll and see how badly formatted it is (I got it working, then moved on before I got it working /well/) but certainly don't get enough email thru the form to have any anti-spam working.