Monday, June 16, 2008

I never get threatened over the internet!

I am so proud. Got this just this morning:
1. comments = Steven: I have requested twice, via this e-mail section of your website that you remove the old version of the Alphapointe website that you currently have posted at the following address: Alison called me and I explained to her that we have a new corporate website, and I think that having this website available is potentially confusing to our customers. If you wish to use our company website as part of your online resume, then you are free to do so in the form of "screenshots" as long as it is clearly marked as such, and is not part of a working website. Please note that you are not authorized to use our company name online without consent from Alphapointe management. As such, we ask that you comply immediately with the above request. Failure to do so will result in legal action. If you wish to discuss this, I can be reached at (816) [redacted]. Ragards, [redacted] Chief information Officer
This is about my interactive design sample page. I post all sorts of source code for designs I did, as well as live site links for some. Sure, I took it down, partly because I don't care. It's old as hell, and not that good a design. I am not sure what a "screenshot" is, but I am not switching any of these to screenshots, cause that is lame as hell; I generally disregard samples from resumes submitted to me that are only screenshots. For web design, I want to see how it works in a real browser, and how it was coded. But seriously. I legitimately worked on it. We had no NDA that covered "don't tell anyone you worked on this" and it was like 12 years ago anyway. And how would /anyone/ get confused and think this was their website? I hope no one is confused by the old version of their website on the wayback machine. Someday I hope to have the money to hire lawyers so I can go ahead and ignore things like this. Oh, and the first email I got I ... never got. Email, not a good way to give legal threats. Number 2 I got while living out of a tent in the woods for a week. No real chance to do anything about it then (cannot ftp in from any old place, especially over very high latency cellmodems).

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shoobe01 said...

Oh. My. God. Additional legal threats. Why? It actually took me a bit to figure it out. Because I have a copy of it on my server, and google spidered it. No links on my site, but these guys hate the internet enough I have to delete every copy I own.

I presume they'll have lawsuits set up against google for their "cached version" links and the wayback machine shortly as well.