Monday, June 16, 2008

One thing I have been up to

Yeah, too busy lately to blog. Or at least, personally. Somehow, too many of my thoughts are work-related, so I spend time blogging for littlesprings. Aside from the published, I have 4 drafts. Gotta work on those. Anyway, I also spent the last week in the mud of middle-of-nowhere Oklahoma. I got up at 0500 Saturday to get dressed in my muddy tent, then spend half the day riding around in the back of a well-restored 1943 Taylorcraft L2 spotter plane. Oddly enough, I was actually spotting from it. As an extension of a paid training thing, I helped out the Allied side for the weirdly enormous Oklahoma D-Day paintball event. Over 3,000 players. I'd never heard of it before I went, though. Riding in the plane, spotting nazi wannabes, and talking to my base was pretty fun. For anyone wondering what the little plane is like: "windy." Terrifying if you are prone to aircraft-induced terror, I suspect, but I am not. I almost fell asleep on a return-to-airport leg. Here's a video of the a/c landing. It starts somewhere on the downwind leg over the airport:

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