Monday, July 28, 2008

Please be consistent with your pointless fears

Once again, and despite no solid evidence to support it, there is a well-publicized fear of mobiles causing cancer. So what to do about it, aside from not using phones at all?
He went even further and urged his colleagues to use whenever is possible the speakerphone mode or a wireless Bluetooth headset in order to keep he mobile phone away from the head and in general away from the body
Bluetooth is also a radio system. Why not fear that? So you say that it's a different frequency, and very low power? True, and irrelevant:
  • Studies that came even close to proving any danger were with AMPS devices, at much lower frequencies; modern phones are quite high frequency
  • Modern phones are also much, much lower power than old ones, and adjust power in general to use as little as possible. We're talking milliwatts.
I say, if you want to fear things, fear everything untested in a consistent manner. So, since no one has said otherwise: Bluetooth? It's a deadly killer!

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