Sunday, September 21, 2008


So, entering the house this evening, I run my hand across the railing and approach the door when suddenly AMAZING PAIN. I get inside, and within 5 minutes my whole hand in pink and swelling. I get the first aid kit with the epi-pen, and Alison gets the car keys before we realize it is going down, slowly. Still hurts half an hour later, but I'll clearly survive. I worried, and considered hospitals, as I am allergic to bees and probably other things. I've traditionally allergic to like...everything. Anyway, we go outside with a light, and look at the railing. Wasps. No. Not wasps. WASPS!!! Yes, with three exclamation marks! I guess this is what it looks like when they are about to make a hive or nest or whatever those are called. Pile of them, wasps on top of wasps on top of wasps. A writhing mass of wasps. Plus wispy bits like spider webs against the railing. Terrifying. Oh, or maybe they were hornets. I am not clear how to tell the difference. I Raided them, and now they are wandering around the front deck, covered in liquid death. In other news, woodpeckers are starting to peck holes in the house again. Nature is against me.

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John Bossert said...

Why no pics of the WASPS! I wanna see.