Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trying to solve the wrong problem

“  The problem is that every company out there that’s addressing this opportunity, from Sony to Samsung to even Apple, is actually trying to solve the wrong problem. None of them are really asking how they can fix the living room problem. Rather, they’re focusing on establishing their brand in the living room, positing completely unrealistic scenarios in which a consumer buys only, say, Samsung-branded components (e.g., its absurdly useless WiseLink protocol) without acknowledging the reality that the components of most home theaters make for a decidedly heterogeneous world.  ”

Khoi Vinh on Subtraction discussing how Apple Blinks in the Living Room by pursuing a strategy of pushing it's brand into an existing space, instead of cooperating, or making things truly simpler. The problems of the interactive second screen are similar to those of the fourth.

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