Thursday, October 6, 2011

4ourth Mobile is a Thing Now

Long before I had a day job, I freelanced. I did design work when I was in Junior High. Actually, I recall that first paid job (sure, my dad worked there) they weren't happy with the results. Probably worth thinking about more and writing a whole post about how early failures made me the type of conscientious designer I am today. Later. I've made over half my income some years from freelance or contact work, and while it petered out in the past few years, when we all lost our jobs a year ago, making a virtual agency seemed a natural. I've been sorta calling the freelance work I do since then part of the 4ourth Mobile brand, and the Designing Mobile Interfaces book Eric and I are writing has a strong online presence at a wiki under that same site. But I haven't really marketed it in any particular way. Well, now I probably should get on that. Yeah, maybe this is old hat for everyone else, but I've never actually bothered to incorporate anything before. I just faked it, filed a Schedule C and made do. Accountant friends forced my hand here for tax reasons, but really it's a good idea. So, consider this the official announcement: 4ourth Mobile is a thing. Call it a virtual mobile design agency. If you think well of one of our tweets, or blog post, or The Big Book of Mobile Design, contact us. We can do training, or design, or user research, or just chat about your needs and see if our concept of a mobile strategy is the same as yours. We're even multi-national, and can travel, so whatever your needs, ask and we'll talk about it.

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Logtar said...

Congratulations! and best of luck with this new endeavor. Even though you have been doing it forever, it is still cool that now you have a C :)