Monday, November 14, 2011

Win a Copy of Designing Mobile Intefaces

With the gradual release of my my year-long writing project, Designing Mobile Interfaces, I think it's about time for the customary giveaways to start. I don't want random drawings, so when I asked for a relevant contest, France Rupert suggested something like this. Great plan, as I have scads of devices: Just some of the many devices with screens that I own.
How many of these devices can you identify?
This image is used in the Preface to the book as an example of how many different types of devices we referred to when finding and codifying patterns. Oh, and I have a lot more than this. I just ran out of room to take the photo. So, the contest is to identify as many of these as you can. Some are easy, as they have the model number written on the front. Some are quite challenging, as they do not, and are old and terribly obscure, or are not even phones so might be outside your comfort zone. Submit the list of them them in order to me. What order? Well, use this image to tell: How many of these devices can you identify? Do the best you can. Not just, "guess as best you can," but I mean that if you submit "Samsung Galaxy" and you are tied with someone who submits "Samsung Galaxy S Captivate," (and is right) they win. Be as precise as possible. I will accept both model numbers and marketing names. Both "Captivate" and "SGH-I897" are acceptable in the above example. Oh, and no I don't have one of those up there. That's no a freebie. Send entries through this form here, unless you already have my email, or want to send it some other way. Regardless, be sure to give me some way to contact you, or your entry will be thrown away Leave a blank if you don't know the answer to one, but do include each and every number. Here's an example line.
17. Samsung Galaxy S Captivate
I am not trying to be a pain, but if I get more than like a dozen entries, it's gonna take forever to stick them in the spreadsheet to find out who won. Contest ends in, say, two weeks. That's 29 November 2011 for those without calendars. Bonus: I also have a spare copy of the fairly new 2nd Edition of Jenifer Tidwell's Designing Interfaces. You get both that and my new book. Fine print: I won't be sure of getting any print copies until the first week of December. You will get it mailed after that. If you want an eBook, I do not have one of those for Tidwell's book, and am not sure I can give away eBooks. Still awaiting word on how that works. I might make you take paper, anyway. People who are at my house regularly enough they can just look through the collection are exempt from winning. In the event of a tie, I'll dream up some way to declare a winner.

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