Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Carnival #255 & Design for Every Screen

This week's Carnival of the Mobilists is hosted by Peggy Anne Salz at Mobile Groove. I'm happy to be included again with all the other smart designers, developers and mobile thinkers. The Carnival is a now-monthly collection of the Web’s best writing on mobile and wireless, hosted and collected by a different site each week. If you are already reading our blog, or anything else mobile, you should add this collection to your subscription list as well. In 2012 it's going back to weekly, so is a great way to catch up with what's been going on in mobile on those busy weeks when you cannot read the 1650 items that came through your RSS and Twitter feeds.
Steven Hoober combines personal experience, market reports and business observations in this post to explain the need for a broader approach to design. In his view, we need to design for every screen and think touch points, not devices. It’s an important message indeed, and one that developers should not ignore. How do we all get there from here? Read on and find out.
I have continued to refine this concept, and gave a presentation on it at MoDevEast a few weeks ago. You can see that at Slideshare. And, for even more detail on mobile-specific processes and patterns, be sure to check out my new O'Reilly book Designing Mobile Interfaces.
The Carnival is the product of individuals sorting through submissions and using their own brains to decide what is important and how they all relate to each other. It's not some bot-generated list, but that also means it needs people to do this work. If you want to host the Carnival on your (or your company's) blog, drop a line to Peggy Anne Salz about it. Hint: it brings a pretty good amount of traffic also.

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