Saturday, April 21, 2012

Speaking Schedule and So On

I share my ideas because it feels right for design (any definition will do) to be a community exercise. We should all learn from each other to find those best practices, in principles, tactics and processes.

I just got back from MoDevUX in the D.C. area. This is the second time I've talked to the MoDev group, and it's one of those that makes me especially sad there isn't such a good community feel in KC. Lots of interesting people, willing to talk pretty openly about what they think and do. And I even randomly sat at a table with Josh Clark so got a few minutes of good random mobile chatting in on Friday morning.

You can get a copy of the slides I presented up at Slideshare. It's called Really Using Your Device Capabilities. Well.

I put all my talks up on Slideshare, so if you sorta vaguely recall me saying something in a conference or webcast, just browse around for it. Or, you can just ask me and I'll find it for you.

So far, for the rest of the year, I am also going to be speaking at:

D2WC - Designer, Developer, Mobile Workflow

At the Mariott Hotel, on the "Country Club" Plaza (we all just say "the Plaza"), about ten minutes from my house Kansas City, Missouri. This is on 16-18 May, overlapping UxLx, which I actually got accepted to present at. But maybe like me you cannot swing the travel or time away, so come see us. I like it there, and think we have some good stuff to tourist about if you want a bigger break from work, or are close enough to make a family road trip of it.

I'll be presenting on operationalizing a productive relationship between design processes and execution (development). It'll include diagrams about staggering development streams, and explicitly having software development as a task, and building services alongside IA/task-flow design. An extension of the "User Centered Execution" talks I have done, but fewer principles, more tactics.

Probably. I haven't actually written it yet, but it's based on actual stuff I am trying to get to happen at Cummins, actual experience doing similar stuff before, and of course the Design for Every Screen principles I always rant about.


Float Mobile Learning Symposium 2012

This is happening during Techweek 2012, at the Chicago Merchandise Mart. The Float stuff is all one day, 25 June.

This is the second time I'll be presenting for the mLearning-centric crowd at a Float event. Last year's in Peoria was a nice event, with a pretty good crowd for the (relatively small, isolated) location. I presume it'll be quite a bit bigger this year, so even more worth showing up for if you have anything at all to do with mobile learning. This is a broader topic than you might think; if you want users to understand almost any information by using a mobile device, you will get something from these speakers.

Myself, I am talking about something directly related to the Designing Mobile Interfaces book. Like, what makes a good pattern, and how to make a library -- whether personal or shared with the world -- of these patterns as they apply to you and your projects. At Cummins, one of my key jobs is to bring mobile knowledge to the team, and the enterprise, in a permanent and extensible manner. Instead of just telling everyone to ask me if it's right, I'm helping develop strategy, principles and patterns for mobile. These are unique to their industry, the needs of their customers, and their global reach, but the methods of doing this apply to any organization. It's a good case study, and currently happening so easy to understand.

I'll probably bring the family and make it a road-trip vacation again. We have family up there, but it's a totally un-daunting touristable town anyway. I'd bring them along.



I also may give some more O'Reilly Webcasts, but I need to come up with a new topic. Anyone want to hear me talk for an hour on one of these, or any other topic you think I could address?

For a complete list of my talks (well, not really complete… it only goes back through last year) including planned upcoming events, you can check my Speaking page on the fourth Mobile Design Patterns Wiki. It also includes links to related stuff you might not find otherwise, like videos of talks, recordings of my O'Reilly Webcasts, and so on.

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