Tuesday, October 9, 2007

At Sprint, only 9 of 10 bad things are true

I've avoided saying much about my time at Sprint, even now that I've left; I still know people there, they are a client, etc. But, I am fine letting other people say it. Read Martin Geddes' list of 10 things Sprint did/does wrong. Okay, I'll comment a little. Number 5 is overstated. I've worked with some top-notch people at Sprint despite the locale. I'm surprised by the portability of today's workforce. And we built (or almost built) some great stuff. If anything, the issue is #6, preventing that workforce from doing the job they are paid to do. Despite my apparent pessimism, I have high hopes for things like WiMax. And, despite Sprint continuing to drop, I think the news of the Vonage settlement is nothing but good. Lawsuits are no way to run a company.

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