Friday, February 15, 2008

Microsoft reorganizes oddly

Its not just me. I read this release about a change of the Mobile division yesterday, and found a lot odd with it. Later in the day, a whole spate of new promotions were revealed. Happy V-day, executives! And today, though it focuses on another appointment mostly this editorial, also at eWeek, starts to talk about how odd Microsoft's choices of leadership are. Since I am more mobile, we'll take on the new mobile stuff. There are two things out of this I want to cover. One, the new head of Mobile Communictions. When I saw the headline, I followed it to see which Danger guy was getting the job. Nope. Its Andrew Lees, from Server and Tools. Which means "servers." Maybe they expect generally good things, and maybe they need to work on infrastructure and deals, but I'd tend to say that the problems with Windows Mobile are at the handset layer, where your finger touches the screen or views the unresponsive pixels. (I'll also note that previous head Pieter Knook is appaerently already dissatisfied with all the fishing and rocking on the front porch of "retirement," and has taken a job with Vodaphone. Oh, wait, here's an announcement about Danger:
In addition, Microsoft promoted Roz Ho from general manager to corporate vice president of Premium Mobile Offerings. Ho will lead the new Danger team, which Microsoft recently acquired, and continue to focus on consumer-focused premium mobile offerings, the company said.
I'm sorry, the what? Premium mobile offerings? I guess Windows Mobile smartphones are not premium after all. And it makes me even happier at my comment here the other day. Could Microsoft try any harder to be insular as a company, and continue to silo their devices? I'm waiting for Microsoft to appoint a new VP of Interop, who jealously guards his domain and doesn't work well with anyone else.

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