Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That is not how MMS works!

In the fifth season of The Wire, when they get the illegal wiretap up, and Freamon is happily seeing the first intercept come in, then a modem tone comes down the line. Nope. Not on any remotely current mobile system I am aware of. Exact channel configuration and terminology depends on the network, but in any case, only voice will go over the voice channel. The tap would see that a call came in, but would get nothing (not dead air, nothing) over the voice channel. A data session would open, but they presumably would not be monitoring that and would need a new warrant to do so. Of course, data is often cached, so depending on the provider there may be no need to get an intercept on it. They might be able to just go to the carrier and get all their images off the server.

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