Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who knew chemo was this annoying?

I've been working in a chemo administering cubicle for four hours now. For my dad. See other posts for earlier status and the general gist of things. The cubicle is nice enough, but I never knew it took most of the day. At least his is like once a week for short bouts. He asked a nurse about it, and she said for some types of cancer you get daily nine hour treatments. Even if it wasn't extremely uncomfortable and tiring, just the schedule has to get to you. On a side note, I'm in the Sprint World Headquarters. Well, in the sense that it'll always be Sandstone Amphitheater and National Airport. The old headquarters in Westwood is, among other things I think, an extension of KU med. The entrance on the west side is a cancer center specifically. Nice to see things re-used like this. Always liked the building well enough, and the way it was tucked into a basically residential neighborhood.

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