Saturday, September 15, 2012

I am not even sure if this is what airlines call good service, but it sure was cool

As I turn off my many and varied electronic devices, I realize the problem. Flagging down a passing flight attendant, .

"I know it's too late to get it, but I left my phone in the terminal. I know where it is so I wonder if you could tell the gate agents so they can grab it and I'll pick it up on Tuesday."

Seems like a reasonable request and she goes off to do it. Second layer, she's back.

"The captain is going to help you get it..."

I then wish I had a permanent as Go Pro (or Google Glasses) for this. The Jetway has been pulled back, so -- after making sure I can keep up, and making me promise to be careful -- we go running down the air stair (it's as regional jet), across the apron, then up the stairs outside the Jet Bridge. Yes the steel one with not really enough railing, that ground crew use.

Turns out, flight crew also have door codes for airports, so he punches that in and we're back on the Jet Bridge, run down that, open the locked door to the terminal and I get my phone.

If that's not enough to think the captain is cool, try this. As we're about to go back, a woman is being disappointed by the gate agent. She missed the plane, and is being told to go away. Well, the captain says we're not ready yet, let her on. I gather this causes some ruckus in procedures, but apparently he's the man even outside the plane.

So she comes back with us this same route, managing to get a heel caught in that industrial staircase along the way, and we're back.

Cool. And now I have my phone, just in time to upgrade it at the Verizon store tomorrow. Since this is all mobile, Galaxy S3, but I most want a Note 2.

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